4 Professional Certifications That Could Boost Your Career

For individuals who aren’t keen on the idea of investing years of his or her adulthood getting degree after degree, opting for field-specific professional certifications is much faster to obtain and the programs usually take into account the skills one already has. Earning certifications to verify your industry knowledge is a powerful way to take your career to the next level.

Professional Certifications For The Computer Professional

Credentialing for computer experts is wide ranged and competitive, but with six-figure average salaries across the board, computer system knowledge and certification is also extremely lucrative. Internet security is a hot topic and certification in risk and information system security is one of the most sought after requirements of careers in computer science. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an information systems manager makes more than $120,000 annually on average. Along with a degree and real world experience, this certification can take your career in a new direction, making you a risk and safety specialist.

Project Management Certifications

For those who have leadership in their blood, certifications in project management can make that trait into a career reality. Whether in construction or database development, a project manager is the boss, creating the timelines and maintaining the flow of the task from start to finish. There are various certifications in the project management field that range from general knowledge to specific information in portfolio management, risk management or scheduling. The BLS does not identify project management as its own job classification. Instead, this is a capstone job function of other industries.

Professional Certifications In Accounting And Finance

Though the certified public accountant is the most well-known, there a several respected certification in the finance industry. With no degree required, H&R Block offers a variety of tax preparation classes and certifications. For those who already have education and experience in the tax field, there are more advanced accreditation available, including business valuation, government auditing and loan review. Tax preparation professionals make an average of $43,000, but the average accountant’s salary is at least $20,000 more. Specialized financial certifications open doors to more job opportunities, plus get you a higher salary.

Certified Construction Management

A certified construction manager is the one who runs a project from start to finish, managing every aspect of the job for small to large construction sites, along with management of workers. Many reports that, as of July 2014, a career in construction management promises a minimum salary of nearly $73,000 and a median salary of $98,000. Skills learned include reading blueprints, electrical and plumbing basics, building skills and best practices in leadership. Depending on your level of certification (levels vary from 1 to 4) you can boost your average salary upwards of $100,000 annually.

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