How to build a career for yourself may be somehow tasking and will take a while to do but in the end, it is always worth it for those who really put in the work.

On knowing what career line to build on, you have to consider your strengths and weaknesses. Look deep within and understand the things that interest you as well as the things that distract you. Knowing these things will greatly help in choosing where to grow from.

It could range from getting a job as an intern to learn certain skills and build on them, as well as making out a job for yourself and building a career out of it.
Your choice career path should be something that excites you and can be counted as an hobby rather than work.

Let us take a look at a few points below on ways on how to build a career for yourself

1. PLAN:

You need to create a map of how to get it done, what to do and how to go about it. Importantly, have a memopad, a notebook, a folder or something to make a list of all your work experiences, skills, achievements, successes, set back and failures. This will enable you focus on your strengths and know your weaknesses in order to avoid them. Make accurate and vivid decisions on the area or field you want to go into. Full time or part time?, self employed or contract employment. Be precise and focus on what you want.



No matter what you intend to know, without proper training, it will never feel the same. Go to seminars, trainings, etc to gain more knowledge on the chosen field. Do voluntary jobs as part of your training process to add up to your port folio.


Go online and get information on how others in that your line have been doing it. Have they been successful? What have been their setbacks?, etc. Just check out for how others have done it and it possible, add up your own spice which will make it different from the others. Lastly, if any void is found during the planning, it can be corrected during the research time.


As soon as you get all your plans and paper work together, you need to prepare. Get a resume about yourself up-to-date if necessary, build your network, get additional training in your choosing field.


It is one thing to have ideas, it is another to execute them. Put out your ideas. Take risks. Be optimistic. It will all be worth it at the end.

Creating you own opportunities can be tasking as earlier stated but like the usual saying, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. Be a guru at what you choose to do.

Lets take an itemized list of things you need to do to Create your own opportunities
.  Have a right mind-set
.  Be ready to take adventures
.  Grow your self knowledge: Skills, passion, values, strengths, weaknesses must be known
.  Be a dreamer: Build an idea and imagination for the perfect picture.
.  Build knowledge and skill in your area of expertise
.  Build your ability to analyse opportunities and make very sound decisions.
.  Be creative. Have a good drive towards making out new stuffs and contents every time.
.  Be courageous. Be a risk taker.
.  Be resilient and flexible

By these notes above, many have been able to build a career for themselves.  The point of putting in hard work cannot be overemphasized as success only comes through it.


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