The Secret to Success: Your Personality

If you are looking for the perfect career, consider your personality type. What do you love to do? What are you good at doing? And, just as importantly, what bugs the heck out of you? Working eight hours a day at a job you’re ill-suited for is draining. By taking the time to consider your personality and match it with your online studies, you could be one of those cheerful people at work.

Do You Love to Care for Others?

Do you get satisfaction from helping others? Are you great with kids? Are you one of those rare souls who has a knack for gently yet firmly getting your point across? Those strengths might make you an excellent elementary school teacher.

Teachers guide and nurture children through the learning process and often have a strong influence on a child’s future goals, dreams, and self-esteem. Becoming an elementary teacher requires a bachelor’s degree from a teaching program and a license to educate. Those who teach private school still need a degree, but may not be required to be licensed by their state.


Are You a Math Whiz?

Do you have the uncanny ability to add numbers in your head? Do you calculate sales tax with a glance? Are you capable of balancing your checkbook in only a few easy minutes? A career as a bookkeeper could keep you properly challenged.

Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining the financial records of a business. They prepare reports, keep track of deposits and financial statements, and sometimes handle payroll or make purchases for the company. A high school diploma may open the door, and career training continues on the job, but many businesses require their bookkeepers to hold at least an associate’s degree in business or accounting.


Is Your Love for Video Games Beyond Compare?

Do you relish finding all the tricks and hidden codes in video games? Are you the go-to expert who can fix problems with video game systems? All that video-game savvy could pay off if you decide to become a computer software engineer.

Computer software engineers design, develop, and test software, including video games. They might work alone or as part of a team, depending upon the project requirements. Those with a bachelor’s degree in computer science are more likely to get the job, and relevant experience opens the door to advancement. .

Does a Unique Dining Experience Thrill You?

Do you have a taste for the finer things in life? Are you the first to test out a new restaurant? Do you have well-thumbed stacks of food and wine magazines throughout your house? It might be time to throw on the white coat and become a chef.

Executive chefs are responsible for running the kitchen, developing menus, and, of course, preparing delicious meals for patrons. The executive chef might supervise a small team of cooks or be the head of a major restaurant chain. Many chefs opt for career training programs at culinary institutes, and some pursue associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts.


Do You Love to Talk?

Do you enjoy the media and love to follow the top stories? Do you like to talk to anyone and everyone? A job in public relations will get you up close and personal with the movers and shakers.

Publicists are responsible for crafting and maintaining the public image of a celebrity, organization, or business. They draft press releases, talk to the media, and organize both public and private events. The publicist uses every form of media to get their message across, and does so in a timely manner.

Many publicists begin their careers with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, public relations, or a related field such as advertising. Excellent communication skills are a requirement, and further career training comes through on-the-job experience.

Personality and Career — a Winning Combination

By choosing a job that fits your personality, you’ve taken the first step toward career happiness. Your hard-earned degree can be your second step toward turning your strengths into a steady paycheck.

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