3 Tips For Conquering Summer Networking Events

Without a doubt, summer is prime time for professional networking. In fact, you’re likely to find that summertime networking events go beyond the basic cocktail mixer. While this may vary by region, you’re likely to find that many summer networking events during this time of year are held outdoors on rooftops, patios, boats and even the beach.

While such events tend to be more fun and attract a larger crowd, there’s also a downside: many attendees may be more interested in the ambiance and open bar than meeting new people. If you’re serious about networking, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re attending the right summer networking events:

1. Find out who’s hosting the event

Is the event being hosted by an established professional organization or a nightlife / event promoter? If it’s the latter, you may find that the attendees are more interested in having fun than talking business.

2. Scope out the list of attendees

Many times, you’ll be able to view the attendees when purchasing tickets online. Before you drop $20 for a ticket, do some recon to see if the event attendees are people you’d like to connect with.

3. Attend industry-specific events

It goes without saying that if you attend an industry-specific event, you’re more likely to make relevant connections. General networking events can be fun, but depending on your goal, an event that’s tailored to your industry will likely be more beneficial.


If you have a specific goal in mind (meeting new clients, getting a new job), you’ll want to be selective about which events you attend. That being said, if an event simply looks like fun, by all means, attend! Even if you’re not making connections that benefit your career, summer networking events can be a great place to make new friends and enjoy the weather.

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